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Building owners now need to pay attention to a Chicago ordinance aimed at improving city-wide energy efficiency.

Chicago became the latest of several major American cities to pass a benchmarking ordinance, in a wave of national environmental awareness. The ordinance mandates the tracking and reporting of energy performance in large buildings (50,000 square feet and up), using the government’s Energy Star website.

The changes impact municipal, commercial and residential buildings, requiring the tracking of Energy Use Intensity (EUI). This information is annually reported to the city and the data will need to be verified every three years.

The idea is that building owners and the city will have access to the information needed in order to improve energy performance, through benchmarking, or monitoring comparable data over time. It is important to note there is no current requirement that a building owner make building improvements.

There is no question these changes and requirements can feel like a burden. But should you start making changes to decrease energy usage, it can save you money in the long run. Energy use can account for up to 30 percent of a building’s operating cost according to the city’s benchmarking infographic, and benchmarking can result in up to 13-24 percent energy savings.

The YMI Group: A Trusted Energy Resource

The YMI Group can serve as your guide from start to finish through the benchmarking process. Let us help you meet city benchmarking requirements, and develop appropriate energy plans for your building.

We are here to help business owners meet their energy use goals. We are available to conduct the entire benchmarking process, or simply provide required verification.

YMI Group has years of experience working with local utility companies to find energy incentive programs, making the costs of building improvements more affordable. We can find the right program for your building. We can also serve as a project manager alongside contractors making environmental improvements to your building.

Some potential energy related building improvements might include:

• Compressed air
• Lighting
• Industrial refrigeration
• Automation controls

Energy related improvements can be an intensive undertaking. Hiring the YMI Group ensures you don’t have to worry that the project will be done right.

Your Benchmarking Solution

The YMI Group provides a variety of benchmarking services to help you stay in compliance with the latest city ordinance, and reduce your energy usage in the process.

Benchmarking through the Energy Star Website – We can provide the data entry services for the entire year, along with the verification. This way you can focus on other aspects of property maintenance, rather than the additional required record keeping.
Verification process – If your team takes on the Energy Star website data entry, the end of year reports filed to the city still need to be verified by a certified energy professional. The YMI Group can provide that verification.
Utility incentives – Should you decide to make any building upgrades, it is important to look at what incentives you may be eligible for through your local utility companies. We have years of experience working with the utility companies through this process and can help you find the programs that will benefit your business.
Energy efficient projects – Building upgrades can be a time consuming endeavor. We can manage any energy efficient upgrades you should choose to undertake.

While change, and new city ordinances can be overwhelming, it is important to remember that decreased energy use can result in a net savings. The YMI Group can work with you to help you seamlessly transition into the city’s new benchmarking requirements. For questions on pricing, or to work with the YMI Group, contact us today.

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