At The YMI Group, safety is of utmost importance and priority. The company is committed to providing a safe working environment for all employees and co-workers at its multiple construction and service sites. The YMI Group has institutionalized this commitment with a safety program that emphasizes ongoing safety training and education, hazard identification and elimination, rigorous program review and oversight, support from an independent safety and loss control company, and a united team approach to job site safety.

The YMI Group believes that knowledge is the key to a safe work place, and takes pride in its comprehensive safety training program, which includes both formal certification training and on site “Tool Box Safety Talks.” Lead by the project foremen, the weekly safety talks address common construction hazards related to the type of work being performed at the time, and cover topics such as power tool safety and the proper use of ladders. The certification training includes a broad spectrum of courses, from CPR and first aid to the operation of forklifts and the handling of liquid nitrogen gas.

Prior to beginning work, all new construction employees are briefed on The YMI Group safety policies and procedures and given a copy of the company’s safety manual. The manual details the required job site safety gear, including hard hats, steel-toe boots, safety glasses, and ear plugs.

As a result of providing thorough safety training for all of its construction personnel, The YMI Group has significantly minimized job site injuries. This is due in large part to the ability of the company’s trained laborers, foremen, and superintendents to identify and eliminate job site hazards before they result in accidents and injuries. In fact, over the past three years, the number of job-related injuries on The YMI Group projects has steadily decreased. Time lost due to job site injuries has also remained low, indicating that most of these injuries have been minor.

Because safety is of utmost importance, the company’s safety program is managed by Al Youna, the Owner. He is responsible for proactive oversight of the safety program, including continuous evaluation and updating of policies and procedures, vehicle maintenance and inspection requirements, and ongoing training and education standards.

Ultimately, the success of the The YMI Group safety program is due to a team approach to job site safety, whereby all construction employees are held responsible for maintaining the highest level of safety standards and performance. This approach has been fully supported by our subcontractors, and approved by our valued general contractor clients. For more information about the The YMI Group safety program, please contact:

Al Youna
Phone: (847) 258-4650

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